Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Today I had an interview with Emanuel from kubuntu-de.org about the progress and future of Akonadi. After the interview we talked about different stuff and to my surprise Emanuel studies ethic and history on lectureship. So he is the second KDE fellow (Carsten Niehaus is the first one) I know, who will teach the pupils of the next generation how great KDE is ;)

So I thought about how to combine KDE with ethic and history. Ethic is a difficult thingy, but history is fine. I really miss a program which shows me a time line with
all important things that happened in history. Honestly I was no keen on history during school, but that has slightly changed nowadays.

So after some hours of hacking I can present a neat, little application, which reads facts about historical events from a XML file and shows them in chronological order.
For every event the file contains:
  • the date of the event
  • a short description
  • a reference to an image
  • a link to a source that provides more information (e.g. wikipedia article)
  • a category tag
At the moment it's only a small pet project, however it can be extended for general purpose. For example you could provide a XML file that contains information about all KDE releases, with small screenshots of the desktop and links to the release announcements.

And here comes the obligatory screenshot:

When you click on the link, the wikipedia page for Martin Luther King is opened in the default browser.