Wednesday, May 23, 2007

ODF sprint and Okular

Finally I managed to get a blog account and register it on, so now I'm part of the blogger community as well :)

This time I'll talk about the ODF meeting in Berlin two weeks ago. The KOffice developer invited me as representative for Okular, KDE's unified document viewer.

Our goal of the meeting was to define a way how to share the ODF loading and rendering code of KOffice with an Okular plugin, so that Okular can view any ODF document with the same quality as KOffice. The plan is to use the Flakes API for loading and rendering. However, to make use of this API it must be part of a separated library, which won't happen befor KDE 4.0.

To summarize the meeting in short: We have a clear roadmap now how to integrate advanced ODF support into Okular, but it will still take a while ;)

Nevertheless the meeting gave me the time to start writing a HOWTO about implementing Okular plugins. You can find it here and should give it a read if you plan to extend Okular's support for new fancy document formats. The HOWTO is not finished yet, but it explains how to implement a basic plugin. For an advanced plugin you should take a look at the source code of the existing plugins.

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