Friday, September 7, 2007

Marble improvements

During the last week I worked in Mönchen- gladbach to earn some money for my daily life ;)

One of my co-workers, most of you known him as tackat aka 'The Marble fame', bugged me every evening to help him improving Marble, so yesterday and the day before I stayed at the office till 23:00 o'clock and helped him to get Marble into a good shape for KDE 4.

The first change was refactoring it into a KPart, so now you can embed it into any other application you like. The second change was a rewrite of the storage backend for map tiles and webpages from wikipedia. Now a cache is used for the webpages, so you can read the city descriptions in an offline version.

The third improvement was a cleanup of the TinyWebBrowser, which is used to browse the city information webpages from wikipedia. 3 days ago it just showed an ugly version of the HTML site. Now it displays images, handles stylesheets and takes care of UTF-8 encoded documents.

As you can see in the screenshot it looks much better now ;)

@pinotree I hope this compensates my absence from Okular hacking :)

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