Friday, November 9, 2007

Plasma goes userfriendly (II)

During the last two days I extended the userfriendly plasmoid to show not only the comic strip from but also other comic strips (e.g. dilbert or garfield). As the name doesn't match any longer I renamed to to 'comic' plasmoid. The code is still located in playground, however after some more code cleanup and adding a configuration dialog I'll move it to extragear as suggested by Aaron (@Aaron: thanks for the flowers by the way :)). Below you can see the obligatory screenshot of the current state:

As you can see the applet provides buttons (yeah, they look ugly, better ideas or code is welcome ;)) now, which you can use to browse all comics of the past week.


Thomas said...

looks very nice indeed! about "userfriendlyness" and plasmoids...i just got the idea for a "coffee on the oven reminder"-plasmoid...a nice svg icon of a espresso-can that makes a noice about x minutes (just in case you want to play more with plasmoids and need ideas ;-) )

cover said...

Nice work :)
If you want there is also this :)

Ivan Čukić said...

Well, this'll be one of my favorite Plasmoids now :) Cheers!

thomas said...

very nice!

are there no oxygen icons that you can use?
and maybe you could only show the icons when you hover over the plasmoid

Blair said...

Would this plasmoid be live resizable for occasions when a comic isn't the standard layout that day?

kwilliam said...

Ooh! Can you add support? (the greatest geeky webcomic ever!)

tokoe said...

To answer some comments:

Currently the plasmoid always resizes to the size of the original comic image,
especially for userfriendly, which is one of the bigger images, the plasmoid
covers most of the screen, so I'll add support for custom resize in the config dialog.

Supporting new comic sites?

Yes, after I've finished my TODO list to improve the usability of this plasmoid, I'll
continue on adding new comic providers. If you have a preferred one, just drop me a note.

Hiding the buttons and show only on hover...

That's a nice idea, I'll try to implement it! :)

Thanks for all the nice comments!

Blair said...

In that case, Penny-Arcade support would be much appreciated.

Cyrille Berger said...

Great. One thing I won't have to do myself :) As for the size, what could be interesting is to have a fixed size, and then when the user either move on the plasmoid or click on it, the comics appears at his full size. Will there be some sort of slideshow ? Or one plasmoid for each cartoon ?

Tadeusz Andrzej said...

Hello. is a

Tadeusz Andrzej said...

(aaa... my comment got posted unfinished.) Anyway is a service that mirrors *many* comic strips.

I would really appreciate a plugin architecture for such a plasmoid. The users would hack hundreds of plugins for downloading different comic strips.

If I were to suggest good comic strips well worth supporting in this plasmoid it would be way too many. So I will not suggest anything. XKCD _has_ to be there.

shiny said...

Just support everything what DailyStrips does ;)

shiny said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
John said...


Can I also request Non Sequitur ( or

However, before adding more strips, can I suggest you check that the license condition on each strip allows such linking? I'd hate to see you get a Cease & Desist letter.

Todd said...

Another vote for xkcd, but I definitely think allowing people at add their own comics would be the key feature. There is no way you could possibly add every comic anyone might want (nor would it be useful, since it would be very hard to find your comic). That might also make licensing issues less of a problem since at least you wouldn't be liable if people used their own regexs or whatever they would use to select a comic. xkcd is creative commons so that isn't a problem, but others might be.

Also, having the option to save a given comic to your hard drive with just a button push (assign a folder to a given comic, for instance) would also be very useful. Being able to browse local comics would also be nice, but not as important.

If you want some suggestions

partially clips
russel's teapot
Real Life Comics

Louis said...

Since suggestions are flying, how about an option to load a new strip every x minutes or days? Or maybe a "random strip of the day" feature? This is a cool plasmoid!

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