Monday, November 5, 2007

Plasma goes userfriendly

After the organization of the 5. Linux-Info-Tag in Dresden is over now I used this evening to relax a bit and implementing an nice idea I had some weeks ago: Why not creating a plasmoid which shows you the comic cartoon of the day?

Although I'd taken a look at the plasma API several times I didn't do any development, but today I wrote my first plasmoid. As many other developer have already proven, it's quite simple and makes fun. The result of my hack session you can see on the image below.

The code for the engine and the applet is in playground already.
Have fun testing it!


Aaron J. Seigo said...

awesome =) just looked at the code and, as i expected (because you generally rock the house =) it looks good. do you want to move the engine and applet to plasma/extragear? =)

Martin Sandsmark said...

How about a more generalized framework (which it might be, I haven't looked at it), so it's easy to add different comics?
For a collection of good comics we would like here in Norway, look at